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*New* 'ALLIES' Mini Art Print (Variants)

- 'ALLIES' Mini Print -
Measuring 9.5 x 7 inches, the 'Allies' mini print showcases a variation of the classic imagery first featured on an official print for the Deftones, nearly a decade ago.
'We take several allies into our confidence in this life. They come and they go. Some stay longer than others...and every now and then and in a rare instance, one may hang around for a lifetime.
In any case, we choose our partners. Back to back we wander through this world, oftentimes with more hope than confidence in the ally we've chosen. Trust is hard.'
- jr
- YELLOW VARIANT - Printed on French yellow cream stock. Signed by Jermaine. - 15.00
- SCARLET VARIANT - Printed on French scarlet red stock. Signed by Jermaine. - 15.00
- KEYLINE VARIANT - Printed on French lite blue stock. Signed by Jermaine. - 10.00
- FIREWORKS VARIANT - Printed on holographic Fireworks Foil. Signed by Jermaine. - 15.00
- LAVA FOIL - Printed on holographic Lava Foil. Signed by Jermaine. - 15.00