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NEW - 2017 Jermaine Rogers Mini-Print / Handbill Subscription

NEW - 2017 Jermaine Rogers Mini-Print / Handbill Subscription
From Jermaine:
'In 1996, I began yearly poster subscriptions under a thing I called the 'Poster Club'. In 2006, i discontinued the yearly poster subscription in order to make more time to pursue other interests (painting, vinyl figures, writing, etc.). After years of requests to make some sort of subscription available, I decided to meet everyone halfway, and made available 100 Mini-Print/Handbill subscriptions, on a first come / first served basis. They quickly sold out.
I'd like to think last years sub was one of the best deals in the poster world. Around 40 pieces in total (if I recall correctly) were sent out, including weird variants, tests, and a several things only available through the sub: well over the 25 pieces which I had guaranteed in the subscription. That was around 6 or 7 bucks per print. I liked how things went and everyone seemed to dig it, so I've decided to do it again for 2017. Yes, I realize that I can raise the price and ask for much more than I'm asking. I'm not. Lucky you!'
Here's what the subscription entitles you to:
Includes one of each REGULAR EDITION mini-print/handbill released in 2017 (mini-prints/handbills measure 12x12" and smaller ).
Includes several prints only available to subscribers.
Includes unannounced surprises.
Each subscriber will receive a total of (at least) 25 mini-prints/handbills. Cost is 250.00 plus 50.00 shipping/handling costs (50.00 shipping costs covers the entire year). Mailings will occur twice: mid year 2017 and end of year 2017/2018 - a total of 2 packages over the year. Total shipping costs will be paid up front and will be added to original payment (note: additional shipping charges will be added to international subscribers ). Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given on this subscription. - 300.00 (250.00 + one time 50.00 shipping charge)