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NEW - 'Wake Up, Young Man' (Layne Staley) Wood Panel Test

- Wake Up, Young Man' (Layne Staley) Wood Panel Test -

In 2014, Jermaine Rogers produced a piece for his solo show at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, Ill. called, 'Wake Up, Young Man', a tribute to Alice In Chains vocalist Layne Staley. The piece was screen printed on a 32x24x1/2 in. birch panel. In the effort to get a flawless piece for the show, a handful of test pieces were required. We have one of them available, first come / first served. Signed 'Test' by Jermaine Rogers.
NOTE: The photo displays the actual piece you are receiving. Please note this TEST piece has ink wash in the left open border. As this piece is on wood, it could conceivably be sanded off, though the artist's preference is to leave it in this casual 'Test' state.
- 300.00 plus shipping / handling

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