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NEW - 'My Brother Was A Hero' (TEST) WOOD PANEL -

NEW - 'My Brother Was A Hero' (Variant) WOOD PANEL -

Measuring 30x24x1/2 in. and printed on Russian birch panel, this wood panel edition of 'My Brother Was A Hero' (Variant) is finally being made available after several years. This image is considered a 'new classic' by many poster fans and collectors. It's message (along with it's companion variant print of the same name) seem more appropriate now more than ever. Never let details complicate the truth that we COULD all choose to be and act differently. We could.
NOTE - THIS IS A 'TEST' PIECE. THIS PIECE WILL BE REMARQUED ('doodled'). Signed 'TEST' by Jermaine Rogers.
- 300.00 plus shipping/handling