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NEW - Propagandhi, Hot Water Music TEST Print (2000)

- Propagandhi, Hot Water Music TEST Print (2000) -

Measuring approx. 32.5x18.5, we have a small handful of test pieces for a 17 year-old classic by Jermaine Rogers. This print was created for an amazing show at the original Austin, TX Emo's and featured an amazing bill, along with artwork featuring Lion-O from the Thundercats and his sometimes civil-rights partner, Mohandas Gandhi.
These test prints are important pieces of the process when producing screen printed editions. In order to get the clean and (relatively) perfect pieces of the final run, all mistakes in color, coverage, and registration must be eliminated. These test pieces are the canvases on which this evolution occurs. For this reason, test prints are prized by many collections.
Again, we have only a handful of these. These have not been offered in any form from in many years. Each comes signed 'TEST' and autographed by Jermaine Rogers. - 100.00 plus shipping/handling

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