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- New DERO: Creeping 'SPECTRE' Edition (Resin Cast Figure) -

- Dero: Creeping 'SPECTRE' Edition (Resin Cast Figure) -

The Dero: Creeping 'Spectre' Edition is a water-clear resin cast figure with custom Glow-In-The-Dark resin swirled throughout it's interior. Each figure is filled with GID patterns that make them one of a kind. 'Spectre' measures 7 inches long and is limited to 50 pieces. 25 of these were released at the recent San Diego Comic-Con this past Summer and sold out instantly, so only a limited amount are now available.
Comes in white box, signed by Jermaine Rogers . PLEASE allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.
- 150.00 plus shipping/handling.