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- NEW - Tests, Errors, Defaced, Weird Stuff, ETC

- Tests, Errors, Defaced, Weird Stuff -

Check here periodically for weird odds and ends that fit nowhere else. Eyes open.

- 'Melancholy' Uncut Test Sheet (Variant Stock) -
Measures approx. 16.75x10 inches. Screen printed on chocolate brown lined decorative stock. Signed by Jermaine Rogers 'TEST 1/1'.
Displays both pieces from the Melancholy mini print set.
- 50.00 plus shipping / handling

- 'We Can Be Us'/'Repose'/'Spoils Of War' Keyline Test Maxi-Print REMARQUED -
Measures approx. 24x18 inches. Screen printed on white gallery stock. Signed by Jermaine Rogers 'TEST 1/1'.
Displays several mini prints on uncut sheet. Piece includes a color remarque by Jermaine Rogers.
- 50.00 plus shipping / handling

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