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NEW - Friday the 13th MINI PRINT Luck Challenge! Roll the dice...

- NEW - FRIDAY THE 13TH Mini-Print LUCK Challenge! -
Ah, Friday the 13th! Even in a Spring-timey month like April, the date can still send a little shudder down the spine. Along with black cats, walking under ladders, and monkeys paws', this day is just soaking in 'bad luck' (allegedly). What say you? Are you willing to look the '13th' in it's eyes and dare it to blink?
What we have here is a stack of 100 mini-prints. All 100 of them are 'rare': variants, tests, remarqued rarities, and other long sold out releases which are sought after by collectors. For 25.00, you'll get one of these random pieces. Each piece is in good shape and signed by Jermaine Rogers. There's no guarantee that you'll get something you'll be absolutely in love with, so roll the dice with discretion. Be assured, though - all pieces are 'rare'...and desired by SOMEbody.
Now, if you're the kind of person who will complain afterwards because you didn't receive something you really love, or if you are the type of buyer who looks at things that other buyers receive and then moans that you somehow got shortchanged, keep on walking. If you want a 'sure thing', go back to the main BUY page: we got tons of 'em.
Mini prints can come in all different sizes, from 7x5 inches up to 12x12 inches.
Each buyer may purchase up to 2 pieces. Good luck.

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